AB+R was founded by Aviv Ben Avi, an accomplished Construction Manager, and Ran Oron, the owner of ROART, an established architecture & design firm. The two met while working together as the builder & architect of several buildings in Brooklyn, New York and connected over the mutual belief that the success of a project relies heavily on the coordinated efforts between the two professions.

By working side-by-side and eliminating the traditional separation between the two teams, AB+R provides one transparent channel of communication for both the client & our team throughout all phases and develops advantageous opportunities to continuously improve & crystallize the projects in areas that might otherwise be overlooked. This seamless, truly synchronized approach, built over 30+ of combined experience, allows us to navigate, control, and manage the fast-paced landscape of design & construction in New York City. The outcome is a sensitive, efficient, and flexible process from the inception of an idea to a complete built end result.